Journal by the Knotted Nest

One of my favorite ventures so far with photography has been doing collaborations with small businesses. I have worked with a number of small businesses and been able to trade services; they have given me products and I have been able to take a variety of pictures for them.

Most of my products have been for my kids’ rooms, but I have even been able to get gifts for clients and my husband! I know that quality photos for small businesses can be hard to fit into a small business budget, so I love to help with flat lays, even though my strength are really with the lifestyle photos of the products. The Let’s Collab Official Facebook group has been a great way for me to network with these artisans!

Bracelets by Brooklyn Rose Beads

Even though I have enjoyed working with artisans from across the country, I would love to work more with local artisans and small business owners. So if you are the DC area and you are a maker, please let me know! We have made Southern Maryland home, and I would love to promote and help out small businesses near me. I am open to trades, so shoot me an email at if you would like to inquire about working together!

Some of the small businesses I have worked with include: