So I approach newborn sessions a bit differently than other photographers. I love the details—the tiny feet and hands. I love capturing the adoring look of the parents at the baby. I love seeing the awe in the siblings as they get to hold a tiny little life. I love pictures with moms and dads snuggling the baby. As a military spouse, I know what it is like to not have someone around to make sure I am in the picture. We didn’t hire a newborn photographer when I had my first. I had just really started using my camera, and I am in so few of the photos with her. And I’ll be honest. I’ve improved a lot in the last six years. My photos of her are just OK compared to the ones I have taken of my boys. I don’t know why we didn’t hire a professional. I’m sad to not have those shots with her in those early days. However, I am so thankful to have so many great photos from Sarah Jo Photography when my boys were born. It is such an important time in our life that I can only relive through those photos.

I know you will hear they are only little once, but it’s so true! My youngest is now one, and every time I have a newborn session it’s hard for me to believe that his hands and feet were so tiny. I was so sleep deprived, and with my last I was so sick after I had him with post-partum hypertension. Those photos are how I remember him and our chaotic life as a new family of five.

What is a newborn session with me like? I offer two packages. I can come to the hospital and do a Fresh 48 where I get all the details and firsts right there in the hospital, or I can come to your home where I do a mixture of lifestyle and portraits. To learn more about what is included in these sessions, check out my Photography Packages page. It would be an honor to document this amazing time for your family!